Sept. 15th 2019

Holy Mass Intention
Saturday   14th .  6:45pm Jon Manley
Sunday   15th   9:30am Dec. Members of Dilworth Family
Saturday   21st   6:45pm Parishioners
Sunday   22nd   9:30am Cath McLaren RIP

Our Lady’s Lamp is sponsored to 22 September

Holy Mass for Sunday at St. Peter & St. Paul’s, Mawdesley – Saturday at 5.00pm, Sunday at 11.15am


This Week    
Ministry E. Minister Reader
Saturday   P Allison
Sunday P Allison G Wright
Next Week    
Ministry E. Minister Reader
Saturday   M Cookson
Sunday M Rouse D Culshaw


SPECIAL COLLECTION NEXT WEEKEND: £48.63 Catholic Education Service


WELCOME & THANK YOU: to Mgr John Butchard, who is celebrating Holy Mass for us this Sunday (and the Saturday Vigil).

NATIONAL MASS FOR ALTAR SERVERS:  Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Sunday 21 September at 2pm

EU SETTLEMENT SCHEME:  The UK is likely to leave the European Union on 31 October, with or without an agreement covering this departure.  As a consequence, the European law concerning the free movement of people will be changing and therefore citizens from the EU states, the EEA states and Switzerland will need to apply to the Settlement Scheme if they wish to protect their existing rights and safeguard their place in British society.  There is no fee – it is completely free of charge, but it is essential that all EU nationals apply as soon as possible, as there will be many applications to process.  Deadlines are as follows: 31 December 2020 if the UK leaves the EU without an agreement; 30 June 2021 if the UK leaves the EU with an agreement.  Please let anyone you think might be affected know about this and ask them to visit: for more information.

AID TO THE CHURCH IN NEED:  There has been a steep rise in the persecution of India’s Christians in the last few years.  Over 450 incidents of violence were recorded last year and 20,000 Christians took part in a peaceful protest when a pastor from south-east India was hanged, after his previous complaints to the police were ignored.  Indian Christians are appealing for our prayers, as they feel very vulnerable.  Want to help?  Please consider joining the ACN Prayer Retreat on Saturday 5 October, at Lancaster Cathedral, from 10am to 4pm.  Cost: £15. Booking is essential.  Or, join an event on ‘Red Wednesday’, 27 November, at Blackburn Cathedral or Blackpool Tower.  Wear red for the day and explain why to friends, neighbours and family, in order to raise awareness.  Visit: for more info and ideas about how to make a difference!


The Home Mission Office is the public office of the Dept of Evangelisation & Catechesis at the secretariat of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales.  Their work is focussed on helping local churches make the joy of the Gospel a reality in England and Wales.  They support a mission-orientated Church that lives as a family and expresses the heart of God courageously and lovingly, in word and action to both friends and strangers.  The vision of Home Missions is to develop an infrastructure that supports the mission of the Church: to evangelise by promoting a culture of encounter.  In a society plagued with isolation, loneliness, intolerance and indifference, they aim to encourage an attitude based on community and fellowship.  Supporting a youth ministry is a vital part of the work of the Home Missions, with both funding and resources.

To find out more about activities of Home Missions, please visit